Indiana Youth Works

Indiana Youth Works was founded in 2010 as an initiative to help tackle the issues of youth unemployment in the state. For several years the initiative helped many youth successfully gain long term employment. In 2017, Indiana Youth Works joined forces with Bikersinc and went from being an initiative to a full fledged program.

Together, Indiana Youth Works and Bikersinc helped prepare even more teens and young adults for the slowly recovering economy with stronger mentorship. These efforts eventually spun off as the economy recovered and more youth were going back into the workforce.

As times changed, so did Indiana Youth Works. Though the program initially started off with helping youth in the struggling economy post Recession, it has evolved to become more than that one focus.

Indiana Youth Works Objectives:
To borrow the words of Charles Schulz, the beloved Peanuts cartoonist, “There is no greater burden than great potential.” Indiana Youth Works has set its focus on fostering other youth organizations who are just starting out so that youth all over Indiana can enjoy the help that empowered initiatives can offer. You can learn more by visiting and following them on Facebook below.