Thursday, April 16, 2020

Hand Sanitizer Available

Beech Grove, IN (April 16, 2020) — Bikersinc has received an in kind donation of hand sanitizer to our organization. Produced by Mansfield-King of Indianapolis, these are personal sized bottles and contain 71% Ethyl Alcohol.

They bottles of hand sanitizer are currently being distributed to various veterans groups, local community organizations and other high risk groups and individuals.   

If you are a local veterans organization, a high risk individual or in a high risk category job, contact us directly so we can arrange pick up.

Monday, March 30, 2020

We Are Looking to Relocate

Beech Grove, IN (March 30, 2020) — After being in our current location since the Spring of 2016, the time has come to move on and we are on the hunt for a new location for our headquarters. Recently, a few businesses have expanded and our current location now lacks proper and ample ADA compliant disabled parking for veterans who come to our office.

Bikers Helping Veterans - Bikersinc - Veterans Radio Indiana

We are searching for a commercial zoned building with ample parking for disabled veterans to comfortably park and maneuver. Ideally the building would be able to house our offices, programs and equipment as well as provide space for training workshops and gatherings. A C-4 zoning is right at the minimum and if a C-6 or higher is available, that would be even better.

At least 2,500 sq. ft. would be sufficient, a small kitchen area and inside garage area with a roll up door would also be a huge plus. Must have high speed broadband available, a true fiber network close by would a bonus.

Depending on location, our budget is between $900 and $1100 per month, and we are willing to sign a long term lease. Suitable locations would be Southside Indianapolis, Speedway, East side and the East 10th Street corridor. Outside of Indianapolis areas include: Franklin, Evansville, Greenwood, Fort Wayne, Cumberland, Muncie, Southport, Terre Haute, Greenfield, Anderson, Shelbyville and Plainfield.

Our commercial insurance, permits and required licenses are all up to date. If you have property that meets these requirements, feel free to contact us at:

Bikersinc is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with chapter members in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and Tennessee. For more information about Bikersinc, visit our main site at to learn more about our programs.

Friday, February 14, 2020

New Mission for Rick Brown in 2020

Greenfield, IN (February 14, 2020) — Rick Brown, an army veteran who served in Vietnam is honoring those who served and making sure that they are never forgotten. Brown, now spends his time travelling all across Indiana restoring the grave markers of the men and women who have served this country.

Rick Brown working on the Civil War Veterans Burial Site marker

Brown is part of a the group called "Mission: Restore Bronze" with the main is located in Arizona, he heads up the Central Indiana Chapter. “Somebody needs to pay respect. It’s important to show that they’re not forgotten. Veterans need to be respected on both sides of the dirt,” Brown said.

List of Indiana Medal of Honor recipients Rick Brown restored in 2018

Brown has been restoring graves and markers in Indiana for about five years. So far he’s restored hundreds of them. In 2018, Brown accomplished a major goal of restoring graves and markers of all Medal of Honor Recipients interred in Indiana.

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For 2020 Raymond’s current target is to restore all Hoosier Vietnam Veteran KIA markers.

Rick Brown restoring a grave marker for a veteran

“You just can’t forget what these guys did for America, and I’m not about to,” he said. Brown, who is disabled due to a car accident in 1969, has been on the receiving end of some increased attention for his efforts.

Honor Restored once again!!
Restoration of Veteran Family Markers in Knightstown,Indiana, Glen Cove Cemetery.
Posted by Mission: Restore Bronze Indiana on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

For his efforts, Raymond was awarded in 2017 the Disabled Vet of the Year Award from the Disabled American Veteran Department of Indiana. Brown described receiving the award as a “great honor,” but says the ultimate gift would be to know that his work will continue when he no longer can. “It would be the best gift, It’d mean an awful lot to me,” he said.

Rick Brown travels all over Indiana with his Jeep and trailer

Brown is actively looking to raise funds to purchase a newer vehicle that would allow him to travel the state and restore more grave markers. Also, additional funds for incidentals such as gas and supplies for cleaning are also encouraged and welcome.

For more information on his fundraiser and Mission: Restore Bronze, you can visit the following:

Donations: PayPal Me
*For those who donate over $250 and want tax exemption, contact Bikersinc at: 317.801.1904
Website: MRBI.Rocks
Facebook: Mission Restore Bronze Indiana

Friday, October 18, 2019

A vintage car and the veteran behind the wheel

Lincoln, Nebraska (October 18, 2019) — Sam Aughe is from Crete, Nebraska, bu has been all over the United States in his everyday car, though, his travels are nothing of the ordinary.

This vehicle has seen 73 thousand miles, and has shared over 32 hundred smiles.

It is not yet done with its life journey.

It is a patriotic testament to those who have lived and died and have served their country as they see it.

"Say, the car isn't about me, it's about what it stands for," Owner and Vietnam Veteran, Sam Aughe said. "There's names inside and outside."

The vehicle has gone all over the states, and with it, collected over 32 hundred plus signatures and names of servicememers- most of those from the military, and some of those from Police and Fire departments.

"...Names from the civil war, world war one world war two, Korea, Vietnam, the stuff in the middle east," Aughe said.

All of the names came with a story to tell.

"Some of the stories, i wish i could remember them all, are heartbreaking. I had a girl sign it a couple years ago. Her brother introduced her to the guy she married. They were both killed by the same IED in Iraq. When she signed it, the bodies were not back yet," Aughe said.

"We end up getting a lot of hugs. They're either 6ft 10in, all dressed up in leather sweaty bikers, or sweet old women just crying. It brings people closure," Aughe's grandson and successor to the vehicle, John Parks said.

The first name on it is Sam's friend he lost in the Vietnam war.

"If I could sleep, this would never happen, but it just came to me in the middle of the night. I can tell you the first name that was on it, and that's Bob Rose, killed in action December 24th, 1969," Aughe said.

The last name will remain a mystery.

Aughe says this project is an extension of his personal journey, and will be passing the car and its responsibility on to his grandson when Sam can no longer drive.

He said he doesn't want it to be pretty, but just a simple reminder of those who risked their lives to serve their country.

If you're interested in inviting the vehicle to a memorial service, you can contact Sam Aughe at 402-418-8329.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Motorcycle group helps families grieve

Anderson, IN (September 10, 2019) — More than three dozen wooden memorials mark places motorcyclists have died in crashes across Madison County and remind drivers to be mindful on the road.

For the last three years, nonprofit Madison County Biker Died Here has built and erected wooden memorials for fallen bikers to help ease the minds of families who’ve lost their loved ones.

Nathan and Andrea Pershing said they lost their son Ridge Pershing, 18, at on May 31 at South Scatterfield Road and 53rd Street.

“It was Friday evening. He was just driving straight down the road and had a car turn in front of him, and we don’t know if he didn’t see the car or if the car was turning at the last minute,” said Nathan Pershing. “He didn’t have a chance to do anything, but he hit the side of the car and lost his life.”

Josh Shepler, 36, was killed on 38th Street on the same day. His father, Steve Shepler, told News 8 that he was hit by a trailer.

“He only worked 4-5 miles from his house. On his way (to work), a vehicle went to turn into a trailer port here in town and didn’t see him and he T-boned her,” Shepler said.

The nonprofit raises money through various rides and events throughout the year to memorialize fallen bikers. They ride together where the accidents have happened to pay their respects and erect the memorials. So far, 41 memorials dot the county.

“Thankfully, within just a day or two, we started getting notifications from this group saying ‘We’ve got this, we’re gonna take care of this. We don’t know your son, but he means a lot to us,'” Nathan Pershing said.

“There were roughly 150 people on the ride and between those 150 people, the biking community raised $9,000 for the club. That’s the biker community,” Shepler said.

“I lost my son on a bike, but these people right here they would do anything for you and to me, people should look up to these people,” Brandy Neff said.

The memorials have brought comfort to families and awareness for drivers.

Posted by Madison County Biker Died Here on Saturday, August 17, 2019

“Every time I drive by that intersection I take a second to myself and I say, ‘Man I love you, buddy. I miss you dearly,'” Nathan Pershing said. “It’s great to be able to drive by it and see it, but it’s really a shame that we have to.”

The Pershings hope their son’s memorial is a reminder for those behind the wheel.

“Watch what’s going on around you, take the second look. Everybody seems to be in such a big hurry nowadays,” Shepler said.

The Madison County Biker Died Here group will have its next fundraising event Sept. 15.

STORY BY: Aleah Hordges