Saturday, June 23, 2018

Board accepts new challenge

Beech Grove, IN (June 23, 2018) — This week the Board of Directors of Bikersinc, unanimously approved to accept the recommendation of our Chairman, J.D. Duggar, for Bikersinc to become a fiscal sponsor of Mission Restore Bronze Indiana.

 This will be the 4th sponsorship in 5 years and the 2nd under the program, Bikers Helping Veterans. J.D. met with the Director of Mission Restore Bronze Indiana, Raymond Brown on Friday June 22, 2018 to formally reach an agreement.

 About Bikers Helping Veterans: Bikers Helping Veterans works with other Veterans programs and organizations in order to provide a tighter network of complementary services.

 About Mission Restore Bronze Indiana: Mission Restore Bronze Indiana has operated for over a year as a nonprofit initiative whose purpose is to restore grave markers of interred soldiers in Indiana.

Letter from the Board of Directors